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Creative Innovation

Innovation. It’s how we roll at Kimberly-Clark. Did you know we invented the Sanitary Pad in 1920!

Creative innovation is one of Kimberly-Clark's core values. In our more than 140-year history Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KCC) has continually looked for new ways to meet the changing needs of our consumers and customers. This began with our founders who established a culture that encouraged entrepreneurial spirit, experimentation in product development and creativity in marketing. As Kimberly-Clark grew, so did our reputation as a company that turns ideas into beneficial realities for our customers, shoppers and users.

The Kimberly-Clark team is constantly exploring more efficient ways to share innovative product solutions, develop and acquire new technologies and leverage strategic partnerships and alliances.

Kimberly-Clark has always led the way

Recognizing our customers' needs, Kimberly-Clark invented five of our eight major consumer product categories including facial tissue, paper towels, toilet tissue on a roll, feminine hygiene pads and disposable training pants. Applying the same innovative thinking to the way Kimberly-Clark products are packaged has also helped us develop creative, sustainable, proprietary packaging design solutions that consumers love.

Locally, Kimberly-Clark Vietnam has a strong history of product, marketing and operational innovations. From Huggies unique Tet themed outer cover design to gender-differentiated premium diaper pants, we will continue to improve our local products so we continue to lead the world in the essentials for a better life.

If you're feeling nostalgic, visit the Kimberly-Clark History of Innovation website to see how we've developed our instinct for innovation.